Two Titles...

...with nothing in common, except that I read them both recently!

Potent Pleasures by Eloisa James is a mixed bag for me. I love all of Eloisa's Regency novels, including this one, but I'm a bit fuzzy on the details... you see, this is the book I was reading when I did my whole crash and burn thing in Florida, and didn't resume reading it until weeks later. So, through no fault of Eloisa's, I don't think of this book fondly. ;-) I do remember some great details, though - a masked ball, a dashing stranger, an oddball marriage, and a happy ending. This stand alone novel was another good one, but not as memorable as some of her "fairy tale" titles. :-)

The Last Days of California by Mary Miller was weird, but not necessarily in a bad way. Jess is on a roadtrip from Alabama to California with her family - her father believes the rapture is imminent, and wants the family to save some souls along the way and be among the last to be raptured. What follows is a portrait of small town America from the road, Jess's struggles to grow up, and the troubles and secrets that are plaguing her family - especially her sister Ellie. This novel is deadpan and straightforward, sad and yet hopeful, and didn't take long to read. Recommended if you are looking for something a little quirky and "off the beaten path".

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