Book Review: Find Me, I'm Yours

The lovely ladies at FSB recently sent me an advanced eEdition of Find Me, I'm Yours by Hillary Carlip.

See, it has to be electronic, because the whole nature of this genre-busting novel is that it's "click lit".

Yep, "click-lit".

Embedded throughout this frothy eletronic romance are photos, texts, videos, links to website (more than 30 in all!) and redirects around the internet, all of which play an integral part to advancement of the plot, and add to the whole experience of reading this original novel.

I wasn't really sold until I saw the trailer for it (right here: http://www.fmiypreview.com?mags=1) and then I really wanted to check it out. :-)

By nature of the novel, the reader knows this isn't exactly going to be Proust - instead it's a frothy tale of romance and a 20-something girl finding herself - and her version of family - in trendy LA. during a scavenger hunt for a boy. I really liked how quick this novel was to get into, and the clicking definitely makes it a unique experience! I followed every link and photo, watched every video as I read along, and what I discovered was this:

While I was intrigued by the links and interested to see what lay ahead, I found it actually took me OUT of the story I was supposed to be reading. Towards the end of the novel, I wanted to skim the content of the novel so I could get to the next "carrot" - the link, the photo, the video. In a way, having that interactive experience was, for me, almost a distraction and took away from the storytelling as a whole, cool though it was.

But, having said that, I thought this was such an EXCITING way to tell stories in this day and age - and I'm surprised that more of this hasn't emerged before. I can tell there are going to be a lot of possibilities for promotion and cross-promotion with this novel!

I'm really glad I got to preview this, and I definitely want to see how successful this novel is, and how the genre expands in the next few months and years!

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