Latest Mysteries

Another week, another round of book reviews...this time, from the mystery genre...

The Dead Will Tell by Linda Castillo is the latest in her Kate Burkholder series, about a formerly Amish police chief and her largely Amish county as she solves mysteries, battles crime and so forth. Kate is a really endearing, likeable female protagonist, and this is another great addition to the series. This time, we start 30 years ago, when an entire Amish family was slaughtered in the middle of the night, though somehow it is tying up to crimes of today. Kate and her colleagues (and of course, her paramour, John Tomasetti) figure it out, but the journey to get there is so interesting and readable. I definitely recommend this series!

Safe Keeping by Barbara Taylor Kissel I think is intended as a mystery/suspense novel, and I really wanted to like it...I really did. But lordy, it was boring and not at all engaging. I gave it about 100 pages before I skimmed the rest. Ish.

Standup Guy by Stuart Woods is the latest in the Stone Barrington series of audiobooks I grabbed. Again, silly, frothy, escapist fun!

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