Two New Erotica Novel Reviews

I know Fifty Shades of Grey is considered the first "erotica" novel (dudes, it so is NOT), but if nothing else, it's made those sorts of novels much more high-profile and in demand. As such, the library has been collecting a few more in that genre, so I thought I'd check a few out so I have some fresh recommendations for the "what should I read next?" question.

Lesson learned: there is good erotica, and there is BAD erotica.

These, my friends, were bad.

Alice Close Your Eyes by Averil Dean sounded promising - in order to right a decade-long wrong, Alice breaks into Jack's home, but when he catches her, instead of fleeing straightaway, they begin to interact, bond, date, mate, whatever. Billed as dark and suspenseful, this novel just felt like it was trying too hard - we have abuse, we have cutting, we have supposedly erotic love scenes, we have an alpha male, we have little plot and wooden characters, neither of which I ended up giving a fig about. Yup, skimmed this one to the end. Not recommended. 

Just One Night by Kyra Davis is another "Fifty Shades" cousin, but recycles the same cliche - good girl has one decadent night in Vegas, then has to work with the guy she hooked up with. Yawn. I have to tell you - the plot twists were so absurd, the characters so "stock" (hi, Mary Sue), the sex scenes so unsteamy, the whole story so boring, I also skimmed this one. No Harvard grad (of COURSE she is) would act this way in business - I mean, really. Skip this one.

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