Mystery Musings

This is a mixed bag of mystery book reviews - a good, an eh, and an ugh.

The Fever by Megan Abbott is the ugh, I'm afraid. I know it's been getting all kinds of press and hype, but it didn't do it for me. I gave it a fair shake - I sort of liked the meandering opening, but then it kept going, and going, and going with nothing but rehashes, she-saids, and absolutely no resolution or connection to the several plot lines that were just sort of cast out there. In the end, this story of a mysterious fever that fells several best friends in high school was just...boring. Slow and repetitious and NOT recommended, despite the hype.

If You Were Here by Alafair Burke is an eh, when it comes down to it. I've really enjoyed Burke's previous Ellie Hatcher series novels, so this stand-alone sounded pretty good. McKenna Jordan is a journalist investigating a daring rescue in a New York subway - when she thinks she recognizes a woman from her past that she believed long dead. As McKenna investigates, the story spins and spins until the truth is finally revealed. This isn't filled with pulse-pounding excitement or daring breakthroughs, but is a solid mystery, I suppose, just a bit...slow moving and hard to get really engaged with. An eh from this normally strong author. :-(

Top Secret Twenty One by Janet Evanovich is always a good - it may be formulaic, silly, and unresolved, but darn it, they are just good fun. :-)

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