Current Fave Author Roundup

There are always certain authors - whether they are long established or new on the scene - that when you see a new book from them, you have to be first in line to read them. These are just some of those authors for me...

Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty was a "must read" after her great The Husband's Secret last year. This time, we have a trio of women whose lives intersect, pull apart, and intersect again over the telling of the story. The whole book has an edge of menace - you KNOW there is a death and a police investigation, but until the very end, you don't know who or how the circumstances came about. Madeline is confident and sassy, but dealing with an ex-husband and surly teenager. Celeste is the beautiful but harried mother of twin boys. Jane is the young, sheltered mother new to the area, and through the school who son attends, meets Madeline and Celeste, who take her under their wing. But...all we know is that the night of the trivia fundraiser at the school, things go terribly wrong. This had several jaw-dropper moments for me, but otherwise, was just a really solidly-written, engaging, character-driven story. I couldn't put it down!

One Plus One by JoJo Moyes may not pack the same emotional punch as her previous Me Before You or The Girl You Left Behind, but was satisfying and engaging in its own way. Jess is a single mum with no money, no prospects, a bullied teenage son and a math-whiz daughter who has just won the opportunity of a lifetime...if they can get there in time. Throw in a knight in shining armor who turns out to be a disgraced millionaire with an attitude, and you have a recipe for...cuteness. This isn't a treacly and sweet romance, though...this is a great character-driven novel with a bit of a roadtrip, some laughs and some emotional moments all tossed in. A great read that I devoured!

I was excited to read Landline by Rainbow Rowell after loving her previous Fangirl and Eleanor & Park. Landline requires a bit of suspension of disbelief (a magical phone?!), but Rowell just makes it...work. Georgie McCool has just been given a great opportunity in television, but it means missing Christmas with her family. When her family goes on without her, she finds herself missing her husband more and more...and with a bit of magic, they are able to reconnect in a new way. I just loved this novel - Rowell writes like I write, we're the same age and have the same references, and it's just funny and fast and fresh. I loved it so much!

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