Summertime Titles

I know a lot of people curl up in the cooler months with a good book - me? I like to hide away from summer, hang out in my air conditioning, and curl up with a good book. :-)

The latest random reads...

The Longest Night by Kara Braden, though just a paperback romance, has been getting a lot of publicity in the publications lately, so I thought I'd check it out. Ian is a high-functioning attorney with an addiction to painkillers and a need to detox, and Cecily is a former Marine with her own demons to fight - which is why she lives in the middle of nowhere in Canada, away from people. When a former military bud asks for a favor, she agrees to let Ian come to Canada to detox and rehab in privacy. Of course, sparks fly in the middle of nowhere. ;-)

Interesting sidebar - while at ALA, I struck conversation with the publisher about the title, and said I had just read it. She asked what I thought, I told her I had really enjoyed it, then she asked if I knew the backstory.

Nope. What's the backstory?

It was originally written as SHERLOCK AND WATSON FANFIC! 

(Think about it - high functioning dude with a drug problem, and a damaged military dude all on his own. I die.)

Thinking back, IT. ALL. FITS. And I like it even better now. ;-)

In Cold Blood by Truman Capote has been on my to-read list for YEARS, but I've never gotten to it. My friend Hilary just listened to it, and thought it was great - so I checked out the audiobook as well. 

First off, my imaginary boyfriend, Scott Brick, narrates it, so I'm there.

Really, though, this is such an absorbing piece of nonfiction. Though you know who the killers are, it's still filled with suspense, a backstory, an amazing setting, and such well-written language it truly draws you in. No wonder it was a sensation - and it still holds up even fifty years (yes, FIFTY YEARS) later. From Wikipedia: The book became the greatest crime seller at the time and is almost universally acknowledged as one of the best books of its type ever written.

I agree.

When You Dare by Lori Foster is another potential read-alike for those searching for Fifty Shades readalikes. I haven't read Foster in years, so I was interested in check out this novel about a mercenary for hire who spontaneously rescues an imprisoned woman in Mexico while there on another job. The rest of the novel is her recovery, and their search to find out who had her kidnapped in the first place. I really liked the first half of the novel and the way their relationship developed, but the second half I just...lost interest and ended up skimming. Hrm. Not sure I'll read any others in this series...

When the Rogue Returns by Sabrina Jeffries is a part of the Duke's Men Regency series, though I confess, this is the first one I've read. Victor is one of the Duke's Men, and has long ago resigned himself to the fact his young bride duped him and disappeared - until she resurfaces a decade later in Scotland. They reunite and dance around the fact that both think the other deserted them, until the story finally comes to light. This novel didn't have the same romantic tension, humor or quality writing I expect from my Regency ladies - a bit disappointing, if I'm honest.

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