Speedy Reads

Sometimes, you just need a "speedy read" to fill the gaps, pass the time, or engage the brain for a bit between breaths. Here are a few of my latest "quick reads"...

Full Ride by Margaret Peterson Haddix is actually a young adult novel featuring Becca, the daughter of a convicted embezzler who is trying to start her life over with her mother as far away as possible. As college looms closer and closer, Becca wonders if her dreams of a university education are out of reach. This was a quick young adult read, fine enough, but sadly, not as memorable as I would like. Haddix is more of a science fiction author, and this "regular" novels shows that this isn't her normal genre.

84, Charing Cross Road by Helene Hanff is just lovely. :-) You have probably heard of the movie, but this non-fiction novel chronicles in epistolary style the relationship between a male London bookshop employee and a voracious female reader in America. Their correspondence spanned twenty years, and this memoir is just warm and lovely and perfect for book lovers - and is very short and quick to read. Recommended!

This was a very good read that I actually listened to: Venetia by Georgette Heyer. First of all, the lovely, dashing, he-of-the-fabulous-voice Richard Armitage narrated it. :-D Nonetheless, this is a sweet Regency romance from Regency queen Heyer, and features sheltered Venetia, rake Lord Damerel, and their twisting road to romance. A sweet love story, narrated by a fab voice. :-)

Far From Perfect by Barbara Longley is the first in the "Perfect, Indiana" series - so of course, as a good Hoosier, I had to pick it up. ;-) Funnily enough, it takes place in Warrick County (just on the other side of Evansville from us!) so there were references to Deaconess Hospital, Boonville and lots of wide open spaces. ;-) This is a treacly romance - wounded vet, deserted girl, rambling house, and a cast of secondary characters. Sweet enough, but made a bit better that it took place "in our backyard"! :-)

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