Latest Mystery and Suspense Reads...

I seem to be wracking up the suspenseful reads lately...let's see what made the list...

The Headmaster's Wife by Thomas Christopher Greene sort of straddles the line between a suspense novel and just regular fiction, but I'm including it nonetheless. Arthur Winthrop, the headmaster of a prestigious New England prep school, is found wandering - naked - through Central Park. The rest of the novel is spent trying to unravel what happened to put Arthur there. This novel has a distinct part one, a major reveal, then a distinct part two. I wouldn't call it my favorite read, but it's definitely one you want to discuss with a friend after you read it!

Those Who Wish Me Dead is the latest from Indiana resident Michael Koryta (go IU!). A standalone suspense novel, the premise is that a teenage boy witnessed a murder, and needs to be put in a form of witness protection for his own good. It's decided that he'll join a type of survivalist program for troubled teens in the Montana wilderness. Of course, murder, mayhem and bad guys ensue. Koryta does a great job of really immersing the reader in the wilds of Montana, and ratcheting up the suspense with the totally devoid-of-emotion killers, while also keeping the other characters very human. A great read!

Carnal Curiosity by Stuart Woods is yet another Stone Barrington novel - I can't help it. They are silly and outrageous, but so fun to listen to! This time, Stone sleeps with a woman in haste, and gets himself into all manner of trouble. Silly but fun!

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