Latest Romance Book Reviews

Which of these is not like the others, hrm? ;-)

Romancing the Duke by Tessa Dare is the first in her latest series (Castles Ever After), and I absolutely loved it as much as her others! Izzy is nearly penniless when she discovers she has inherited a castle of her very own. The problem? The current owner and tenant, the Duke of Rothbury. What follows is a battle of wits and wills, as these two prickly characters come to an understanding - and a romance. Dare's novels are so full of witticisms and endearing characters, great settings and lush romance. I love all of her novels ever so much!

Three Weeks with Lady X by Eloisa James is the latest in the Desperate Duchesses series, and it's another charmer. Thorn Dautry has decided he must marry, and has found the perfect young lady to wed. But...he needs to convince her family he's worthy. Enter Lady Xenobia India, who excels at rearranging, straightening and streamlining households. Of course, in three weeks, she upends more than his household. :-) As always, I love James' characters and funny, funny passage and situations, and the romance is swoon-y too. Love!

The Professional by Kresley Cole will practically singe any reader who picks it up! This erotic novel is steamy, steamy with a megasized alpha male, the innocent girl, and then for good measure, you know, the Russian mafia, a long lost father and a flee from the bad guys. ;-) I'll admit it - I couldn't put this novel down. I wanted to see what would happen next, if the alpha male would loosen up and open up, and hooowhee, those sex scenes were scorching! If you don't blush easily, this one is for you!

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