Duo of Book Reviews

You know those books you just can't put down? Well, this is two of them for me lately!

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell...I don't even know where to start. :-) Rowell wrote the amazing Eleanor & Park, and this is her young adult follow-up to that great read. Cath and Wren are twin girls on their way to college, and find themselves drifting further and further apart. In addition, Cath is still an avid writer of fanfiction whereas Wren has abandoned their project altogether.

This novel so perfectly captures that first year of college - that uncertainty, roommate woes, "where will I sit in the cafeteria?", classes, boys, and so on. Plus, as someone who used to write fanfic and got to be pretty well known for it in certain circles, that part of the story really spoke to my heart. :-)

I absolutely loved this novel and the ease of the prose, the flawed characters, and the hope for a happy ending. :-)

My Wish List by Gregoire Delacourt is not nearly as hopeful a book, but it's an incredibly quick read (seriously, it's only 160 pages or so). This French novel (translated, of course!) follows the story of Jocelyne, who quietly wins the lottery, but doesn't immediately turn in her ticket. You follow her thought process, her wish lists, her family conflicts, and her eventual closure with her story. I had mixed feelings about this novel - I loved the premise and the writing really flowed, but so much of it made me just...sad. :-( A thought provoking, but speedy read!

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