Book Review: All Fall Down

I remember picking up a pink, frothy-looking novel in grad school (a rare treat!) because the cover and the title grabbed me so much - Good in Bed by debut author Jennifer Weiner.

She wrote so honestly, wittily and wryly about women - all kinds of women - that I knew then I would read anything she wrote. Always.

And that's remained true throughout her career (and mine). :-)

Therefore, I was tickled to be offered her latest, All Fall Down, from the lovely folks at Engelman & Co. :-)

I started it in the morning, read it during the day, finished it that night. Yup, another winner!

Allison Weiss has it all, and has it all together - a great husband, a beautiful daughter, a good job and a big home in the suburbs. So why is she so unnerved when she takes a quiz in a magazine while waiting for the doctor...and discovers she might have an addiction problem?

From there, the novel just ratchets up the suspense and fear for the reader as they watch Allison - you know her pill habit can't last, is going to have her crash her life in one way or another, and yet...she just keeps going.

And going.

Until the inevitable.

And even though you know it's coming, it's still sad and shocking and makes you really feel for Allison - and her family.

Weiner's writing is masterful in making you feel the desperation - and absolute denial - of Allison in her own mind, even as you know she's hurtling towards a crash. So many people have either struggled with or watched someone struggle with addiction, it's easy to see both sides in this engaging, well plotted, well characterized novel.

This novel is heartbreaking and hopeful, dark and funny - and is another solid winner from Weiner.

Yup, still a fan. Always.  :-)

This novel will be released on June 17th and is available from Amazon.

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