Book Review: YA Novels

I feel like I haven't really read a YA (young adult) novel in ages, so while I'm waiting for a few new titles to come in, recommended by my friend Alicia, I thought I would read these two...

Chopsticks by Jessica Anthony and Rodrigo Corral was...weird. Less a novel and more a pictorial journal and journey, this tells the story of Glory, an elite pianist, and Frank, the artistic boy next door. Unfolding backwards and forwards, we see that Glory is sinking deeper into madness, but aren't sure why. Full of twists and different ways to read it, I read it pretty straightforwardly, then hopped online to read reviews that had a VERY different take. Unique, yes, but I wouldn't say I liked it.

Six Months Later by Natalie D. Richards was actually an ARC (advanced reader copy) I picked up a the ALA conference, but that got a bit buried amongst all my books. ;-) When Chloe falls asleep in school, it is May and she's a mediocre student with a crush on a jock and a great best friend. When she wakes up, it's (as the name implies) six months later, and she's brilliant, dating the jock - and has no best friend. The rest of the novel tries to unravel what happened to her, while also including romance, menace and angst. I enjoyed this novel, and thought the plot was a really unique one!

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