Book Review: Happily Ever After

I recently received a copy of Happily Ever After by Elizabeth Maxwell from the fine folks at Touchstone / Simon & Schuster for review, and what a fun read it was!

Sadie Fuller is a great heroine - at 46 and divorced with a daughter, she's not the perfectly toned, corporate-climbing, omigod-totally-perfect-life lead character that so many novels have. She's real, and she's got a secret - not only is she a successful author of romance novels, but she's a MEGA successful author of erotica novels.

And no one in her small suburban town knows that.

But when the male character from one of her novels seems to come to life in the local Target, Sadie knows things are seriously awry...

Part romance, part erotica (of course we get to read some of Sadie's work!), part paranormal and part chick lit, this is a great mash of up genres that could have gone horribly wrong. Instead, Sadie is hilarious, interesting, compelling and the story sweet and fast moving enough to keep the reader interested - and willing to suspend a bit of disbelief. ;-)

A fun, fast, laugh out loud read - recommended!

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