Book Review: Christmas Titles

As most everyone who knows me knows, Christmas was always one of my favorite times of year! I always remember my late friend Mary Nation grinning with glee when the first Christmas novels would start arriving on the library shelves (usually around October). I decided to grab a few for myself this past season to get in the spirit!

Starry Night by Debbie Macomber was an audiobook I grabbed since I knew I was going to be on the road a lot. I actually really enjoyed this title - an elusive author lives in the wilds of Alaska, and a determined journalist from Chicago wants to find and interview him. A series of mishaps and they are sharing a cabin - and then a romance. Sweet story, though less of an emphasis on Christmas than some holiday novels.

A Proposal for Christmas by Linda Lael Miller was disappointing - I didn't realize until I was partially through it that it was a reprint from 1985...and hadn't been updated in any way. Not a terribly compelling story from an author I generally enjoy. Ho hum...

Sleigh Bells in the Snow by Sarah Morgan features an uptight Brit living in New York who hates Christmas and is totally driven by her job. It also features a family running a ski lodge in need of her expertise to stay afloat. Put those two together in snowy New England and you've got a recipe for romance, character development and a bit of holiday cheer. This novel had much greater character development and story dimension than most holiday novels. Great setting, great story, and a great set up for many sequels. ;-)

Merry and Bright by Jill Shalvis wasn't one of this author's stronger works. In fact, it features three previously printed short stories - long on immediate sex and lifelong devotion, short on character development, plot or any sort of reference to Christmas. I'm normally a Shalvis fan, but these stories were more of a nibble than a full meal. Not bad, but not memorable...

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