Light and Fluffy Reads...

Not every novel needs to be Proust, or needs to have deep, abiding meaning in its pages. I like a fluffy, shallow read as much as the next girl! Here are a few "lighter fare" novels from my recently read pile...

Someday, Someday, Maybe by Lauren Graham is the debut novel of the Gilmore Girls / Parenthood actress and (shockingly!) follows the life of a struggling actress in New York City. It's a fun glimpse into the trials of finding an agent, what really goes on "behind the scenes" for those who aren't famous, commercial auditions and of course, features romance and broken hearts. This was a fun read without a lot of brain strain. :-)

Wedding Night by Sophie Kinsella is just a fun romp of a read, as are all her novels. This stand-alone novel is the classic "if we're both single when we're 30, then..." story, with a planned wedding in Greece, where the two old flames met when they were 19. Of course, there's a lot of slapstick comedy, crossed wires, and love conquers all, but it's fun getting there. A light, light read!

Here I Go Again by Jen Lancaster is just darn cute. Lissy was the Queen Bee of high school, and now that it's twenty years later, things aren't as wonderful as she thought they would be. If only she could go back and see how things were back then...(you can fill in the rest, friends. *grin*). This is filled with fun 80s references (hair bands, etc) and is just a fun, cute read for those of us of a "certain age" who would remember those times!

The Star Attraction by Alison Sweeney is my other actress-penned novel in this review! Instead of struggling actors in New York, Alison takes us "behind the curtain" with a publicist named Sophie who gets swept up in the glitz and glam when she takes on her gorgeous new charge, actor Billy Fox. Frothy and fun, you really root for Sophie, and I love to see the behind the scenes parts of the job. A well written debut!

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