Magazine Overload

This is it.

I'm coming clean.

I remember years ago, wrinkling my nose at "old lady magazines" while I was grabbing my latest issues of what I'm sure was Cosmo or Seventeen, vowing I would *never* read stodgy, "grown up" magazines like that.

Guess what?

I so totally read those grown up, old lady, stodgy magazines, and much to my surprise....they are anything but!

It started innocently enough...a *really* good deal from magazines.com for Family Circle.

Recipes, crafts, home ideas, makeup and clothes for someone other than a twelve year old stick figure?

Sign me up!

But as a bonus...you could get Better Homes and Gardens with it for a low, low price.

I have a home. I have a garden (well, sort of).


I ripped out recipes, I envied perfect homes, I wondered about planting hydrangeas in my type of soil.
And those two were fine - I drew the line. That's IT for the old lady magazines.

Until I saw the updated, redesigned version of Good Housekeeping.


I've gone from Teen Beat to GOOD HOUSEKEEPING?



I can do you one better.

I even threw in Redbook just to keep in interesting - another updated, redesigned mag that totally had my interest throughout.

 How, HOW did I go from nothin' to suddenly becoming the keeper of all things house, home, garden, cooking, and anti-skinny jeans? HOW?

But you know what, I'm embracing it. I may not be able to make a flawless pasta carbonara (but by god, I keep trying), keep petunias alive past July, or know the secret to a good updo, but I most surely love reading about it.

I really do. :-)

(And just so I don't totally lose my street cred, yes, I subscribe to Entertainment Weekly. So there.)

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