Getting Quilt-Tastic

I've always loved quilts.

The colors, the symmetry, the work that goes into them has always fascinated me, even more so once I became a quilter and knew what work went into each piece!

My latest creation has been a long time coming...I purchased some gorgeous batik fabrics a couple of years ago up in the Upper Peninsula, but wasn't sure what design I wanted to use them on. Finally, I stumbled on a basketweave pattern that would really showcase the colors. And so...a lot of cutting, sewing, laying out, quilting and ruminating later, here's my latest (queen size) creation!

It's Done!

A view of the details and colors...

Batik Detail

How about one more?

Quilting Detail

I can't wait to have this be a permanent addition on the (summer) bed!

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Diane Denoyer said...

It's beautiful! Are ready to do another one? I need a King