Early Autumn Wrap-Up...

I am once again lagging on my regularly scheduled blogging...I'm sure you all missed me terribly. ;-)

It seems the end of summer has flown by, and autumn is upon us with crisper evenings, the smell of woodsmoke, and a happy, happy Havanese who is loving playing outside in the cooler air. :-)

But how have I been spending the last few weeks?

I've been...

Making new quilts - with an assist from the Zoe, of course. ;-)

New Quilt!


Co-hosting a veddy English "Carnation Tea" for the Mount Vernon Coterie, much in the vein of Mum's "Daffodil Tea" with the Cosmopolitan Club years ago...

Coterie "Tea"

I've been marking an item off the bucket list - the chance to see Depeche Mode live again... this time, in Chicago with the fabulous Jason and Sean!

Depeche Mode

I've been creating displays at the library - this one a "Far East" theme...

My Latest Display at APL

My sister and Ziggy came down for a weekend of good food, puppy playdates, and making a memory quilt for Michelle out of Mum's clothes. Stupidly, we took few good pictures, except of our FOOD!

Yum Again!

I've been doing Relay things...helping with a Committee Workshop, working the River Days Relay booth, and emceeing the Mid-Indiana Fall Leadership Conference (and hanging with my DRAT buds)!

Gibson County

Quack for a Cure

Framed DRATs

I've been to St. Louis with my friend Jen to take in His Trentliness (that would be Nine Inch Nails) for the eleventh time - and what an amazing show, and AMAZING seats!

Rockin' Out

And then I took a "staycation", with my only adventure being renting a cabin - all on my own! - for a couple of days on the Blue River. It's been on my bucket list to try and take a vacation - even a short one - on my own, and I did it! Not gonna lie...was a little freaked out in the middle of the night when I realized I was MILES from civilization, unarmed, and had a Havanese with me that barked at EVERYTHING in the middle of the night! Still, it was peaceful, lots of reading was done, and the weather was great!

The Blue River...

Huge Couch Thingy


View of the River

And in between all of that, I've been working, reading, going to Fall Festival, crosstitching, walking in the State Park, working on library exhibitions, working on behalf of the Community Foundation and planning our upcoming Relay for Life Fall Leadership Conference for Southern Indiana.

And what have you been up to?

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