Midweek Mushroom Soup

So often when I get home from work at 5pm, the last thing I want to do is spend ages and ages in the kitchen, putting together a dinner for myself (and my four-legged companion, of course!). I enjoy cooking, I do, but not often when I'm hungry and tired from working.

Every once in a while, though, I can stave off my hunger pangs long enough to craft a new recipe or find an old favorite - this time, it was a "let's see if this works!" kind of meal.

And it worked!

Improvised Mushroom Soup

I was in the mood for a broth-based soup, so I...

...took a bag of presliced, frozen mushrooms with garlic and onions (don't judge me) and sauteed them with a punnet of fresh mushrooms (see, I'm not totally lazy!) while bringing up a combo of vegetable and beef stock up to temperature. After the mushrooms finished cooking, I tossed them into the broth with a handful of green onions, some fresh thyme, Italian seasoning, Maggi, garlic powder, salt and pepper and a bit of parsley and just let it perk along for a while.

Serve with a crusty bread slathered with a bit of butter, and you've got the perfect comfort food in less than an hour! 

What's your go-to midweek meal?

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