Two New Book Reviews

How about a quick couple of mystery book reviews, hrm?

Six Years by Harlan Coben

Jake Fisher has managed to move on from having his heart broken six years before by the beautiful Natalie. When he hears that his ex's husband has died suddenly, he goes to the funeral - and discovers that the widow is not Natalie.

In fact, nothing is as it seems...

I'm a big fan of Coben's stand alone mysteries, but this one didn't grab me by the throat the way his others have. It felt like there were just too many moving parts, too many bits and pieces, and gosh, Jake needed a slap every once in a while. ;-) Don't get me wrong, it was still a speedy, suspenseful read, but when I think of some of this others, this one doesn't feel as though it quite stacks up. Definitely read some of his others, though; Coben is a mystery master!

The Perfect Ghost by Linda Barnes

This was another weird mystery read for me - I've never read Barnes, but I was intrigued by the dust jacket. Em and her partner Teddy were a "famous person biographies" writing duo - he the gregarious one, she the shy writer. When Teddy dies, Em has to pick up the reins and try to keep going, while also puzzling over his death. She travels to the Hamptons to interview a fantastically super (naturally attractive) director, who seems to have a few skeletons of his own..

This book was just really boggy - it felt repetitive, the writing felt really pedestrian, and I thought maybe a twist as the end would redeem it, so I didn't give up on it (it didn't). Many times I thought of just abandoning ship - now, I wish I had. This one just wasn't what I was hoping for at all. Disappointed.

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