Relay Wrap-Up!

Relay for Life is in the can for another year, so I thought I'd give everyone a little wrap-up of how it went - though it should probably be subtitled the Good, the Bad, and the Rainy. ;-)

Relay began for Dad and I as it usually does - with Track Setup kicking off at Friday morning, as we make everything look all pretty for the event along with some other stalwart committee members.

We took on our traditional roles - pounding rebar into the grass to hold the "purple snot", and this year coining a new phrase - the "snot sticks" (inside joke)! We also put out lots and lots of track signs, as well as hanging banners everywhere....

Banners, Banners...

But all the while, we kept an eye on this....

Friday Sky

Because, you see, all week long we were seeing weather reports that a storm of apocalyptic proportions was barreling right for Indiana - the same storm that the day before had killed a dozen people in Oklahoma.


But, as Relayers do, we carried on as though nothing was amiss, and setup went smoothly and quickly!

But then, the text messages began pretty early on Saturday morning.

That massive, and now incredibly slow moving, storm was lumbering across Illinois and Indiana, soaking everything in sight, and not looking to move away anytime soon. Hence, text messages between our Chairs, me and Logistics to come up with a (safe) game plan - postpone? delay? relocate?

What do we do? What's best for the event and everyone involved?

After several tense hours, we decided to postpone the event by three hours, letting the storm move off and the event to continue, and what a great decision that was!

By our revised start at 7pm, we had clear skies, sunshine and a breeze - let's Relay!

The library team set up our awesomely fun tent site (and we won the award for "Most Informative", of course!)...

Ready to Relay!

We participated in the "Parade of Champions" during Opening Ceremonies and cheered on our Survivors during the first lap...

Survivor Lap

And as night fell, the festivities and walking began...but the storm stayed away...

Darkness Falling

We watched the luminaria ceremony, and our brave team member, Rusty, took part in the "Dude Looks Like a Lady" competition lap, along with several other braves "Dudes" who raised over $200 in one lap! (Ours is the pretty cowgirl in the pink cowboy hat)...

All Our "Dudes"

We played some Olympics games (per our theme) and I'm proud to say I got the silver medal in Bra Pong, and Hilary and I scored the bronze medal for the Synchronized Snack Toss! And, I'm also proud to say the library team had someone walking the track every minute of Relay, and we had someone in our tent site all night long!

Playing a Little Bra Pong

And just like that, the evening was ending and the sun was coming up, signaling a close to our Relay...

Morning Sunrise

Just one more piece of business...what was our final income for the event? After fundraising all year, and then all night, we revealed our total income to the remaining participants...

Final Fundraising Reveal!

Despite having a goal of $40,000, we blew that OUT OF THE WATER, raising $50,005.48 by night's end, securing our position as a PACESETTER event in the American Cancer Society.

I couldn't be more proud, elated - and yes, exhausted. ;-)

We all hobbled away, yawning and sleepy, but oh, so accomplished.

I say it's "the most fun you only want to have once a year", but it's also so incredibly rewarding too.

Thanks, Mother Nature, for giving us a chance to have a super event, and to all the survivors, caregivers, walkers, team members, committee members, team captains, sponsors, donors, and brave souls who made the event happen - thank you, thank you.

Until next year!

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