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I've been using my Kindle lately to download (either freely from Amazon or through Overdrive at my library) various imprints to get a sense of the differences between various Harlequin imprints, a new Macmillan (I think) imprint, and so forth. Let's just call it...personal research for a future project. ;-) They are all romances on the shorter side, but Harlequin has really tried to rebrand from the old days of the "red circle covers" and silly titles...good for them! Sooo....

...how did my titles fare?

Hold Me Down Hard by Cathryn Fox

This is part of the "Flirt" imprint from Entangled, which I *think* is affiliated with Macmillan. This is actually just a novella-length (supposedly) erotic romance. No plot, wooden characters, silly contrivance....didn't steam up my windows, let's say. Not much to recommend here...

The One That Got Away by Kelly Hunter

This is from the new Harlequin Kiss imprint (an imprint that I think mayhaps I could write for someday, hrm?), so I was very eager to read it and see how my stories fared against these published ones! The writing was solid (though it took me a bit to realize it was set in Australia!), but the plot felt...underdeveloped. Like I was being told a story, instead of watching it unfold and marinate and grow. Once the cover was closed, I completely forgot the characters and the plot. Perhaps I had higher hopes....

Countess in Cowboy Boots by Jodi O'Donnell

This is part of the Harlequin Heartwarming imprint (with new shiny covers!), about a modern-day countess who dumps her count and goes home to her small town in Texas. One of my biggest pet peeves when reading is when the reader feels like they missed a chapter or two, because either the plot has forwarded without them, or information has been given to every other reader but not them in some parallel universe. I had that with this title a lot. The writing was okay, the story implausible but escapist, but overall, I felt like I missed a lot - and with it being a Heartwarming title, one kiss is about all the reader can expect - after a wedding proposal. ;-)

Curves by Design by J.S. Scott

This is another novella-length erotica story...okay, but completely unmemorable. With just 50 pages, let's say development was lacking. Eh.

Man, I'm a BRUTAL reviewer this week, aren't I? Sorry, friends!

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