Grown Up Grill Girl

I remember talking with my friend Denise years ago about these watershed moments when you knew you were a "grown up"...it wasn't things like getting your first job or having a baby, it was...

Well, for me, it was buying my first coffeemaker.

Or subscribing to a local newspaper.

Or remembering to change to daylight savings time all by yourself, instead of someone doing it for you (but Denise always faithfully reminded me!).

I don't know why the coffeemaker was so profound...up until that point, I had just been a regular $1-cup-of-coffee-from-McDonald's girl until I realized I could probably do it cheaper on my own.

I was so damn proud of that $12 Black and Decker and of brewing up my first pot, and knowing that I was finally ... a grown up.

My latest adventure into grown-up-ness (though I've obviously been in that census data range for a while now) is my very own, grown-up, propane grill!

My New Grill!

It's may be cheap, but it's mine, it's propane, and I'm ready to light something on fire!

(Um, I don't really know how to grill very much yet. Hence the fire. Look out!)

I can't wait for the more frequent smells of backyard grilling as the sun sets, the frogs start croaking, and my dog makes herself insane trying to see what I'm doing (in this case, it's chicken tenders...)

Grillin' Chicken

To being a grown up...sometimes.

Now then...does anyone have any super grilling recipes they'd like to share with me? Hit me in the comments and share!

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