Sweat Equity!

When I moved into my house five years ago (five years?!), I knew it was going to be a lot of work in the garden.

See, Sunnymeade was a new construction, in a neighborhood where most houses (and thus, gardens) had been built in the 1980s or 1990s. Everything was established and full and lush.

I barely had grass.

I had some catching up to do.

Slowly, I've been adding bits here and there, but a couple of weekends ago, the "sweat equity" factor in the garden arena was definitely ratcheted up, with the help of Papa Priddis!

Dad's number one goal was to repaint two doorways and the garage door surround, since when Sunnymeade was built, you could tell the contractor merely painted the untreated wood white - no primer, no nothin'.

This was looking rough...

Peeling Paint

And this looks much shinier!

Trim Is Done!

We also dug in a new flowerbed for the side of the garage to plant some donated daylillies and to divide and move another one I had, in order to transplant a Lamb's Ear that was growing out of control in another bed...

And yes, some of this sweaty equity was mine!

Putting More Back Into It!

All done, with the transplanted Lamb's Ear nearby!


We also did a major garage overhaul, because it was getting a little embarrassing for me to open the door and have the neighbors see...


Garage: Before!


Garage: After!

Next up was my first backyard tree, a Redbud, and some new potted plants for the porch!


New Redbud

The finale of the weekend was digging up and planting a matching "Hosta Bed" for the other side of my north-facing back garden (one already exists on the other side of the porch, and is well established now)...which meant digging up a space about 12' by 6', filled with very determined grass and mucky claylike dirt...

Dirt Master

After the digging, we had to dump and spread TWENTY (40 pound) bags of dirt, and 6 bags of mulch, but the result is SO satisfying...


Another View

Divided hostas and a few new ones fill it in....


Whew! It may not look like much, but it was DEFINITELY a full four days of "SWEAT EQUITY"!

But isn't Sunnymeade prettier (and more valuable!) now? :-)

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