Sisterly Weekend!

When my sister texts me and says "Hey, how about Ziggy and I come down for the weekend to hang out, walk the doggies, eat right and just chill together", I turn into that dorktastic nine year old who got to go to Ball State and hang out with my super cool older sister and all her college-y friends - for a whole weekend!

(I also vividly remember wearing clip on earrings that weekend like I was the bomb, and sitting in a circle in a dimly lit dorm room with college people talking way over my head while smiling like a doofus. I'm also sure Michelle does not remember any of this.)

Anyway, my sister came down for the weekend - with Ziggy.

Who, as it turns out, was a jerk for the 3.5 hour car ride, and for much of our first night together.

You have love him, though. Look at that toothy grin....


Michelle and I got up early (like, really, stupidly early) to get to our Jump Start training at the Y at 7am, but we had a great time!

7am Jump Start!

Then we jetted to IGA and spent an hour with our bud Alicia, drumming up Relay for Life donations and luminaria dedications...

IGA Morning!

Zigs helped. ;-)

Zigs Helps Out!

Then we hit a graduation party, and jetted down Trail 2 at Harmonie State Park with the doggies...who just hated.every.minute, I tell you...


We hated it too. ;-)


Add in some neighborhood walks, some grillin', some TV watching and some early-to-bed times (I won't reveal just how early my sister went to bed, but let's say some people were probably still contemplating what to have for dinner...), and it was a super fun weekend!

So much so, we broke Ziggy. 

I have never seen this before.

Brace yourselves:


Yup. We broke the werewolf. ;-)

Thanks for the weekend, sis!

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