My First Cardinals Game!

When I was a little girl, I remember the TV being perpetually tuned to WGN so that Mum could watch Cubs games.

(They were only during the day, natch, since Wrigley Field didn't get lights until 1988. I still remember that Mum was a bit bitter about those lights going in.)

In fact, I attended several games at the "Friendly Confines" with my godparents, who lived outside Chicago for most of my childhood.

Other than a few Indy Indians and Evansville Otters games, I haven't been to a proper baseball game in probably 25 years.

Until last week. :-)

I was lucky enough to hitch along with some friends for a Thursday day game to see the St. Louis Cardinals play in Busch Stadium - nothing better than playing hooky from work to go to the ballpark!

Aren't these seats, and this view, AMAZING?!

Sunshiny Afternoon

Though it started off a bit rainy and overcast, it ended up being a wonderful afternoon in the "Redbird Club" seats! Pretzels and nachos and bratzels, oh my!

Obviously, a few other people *also* thought it was a good day for a game...


What a fantastic day!

The Gang

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