Book Review: Swimming at Night

Swimming at Night by Lucy Clarke

When the nice folks at Simon & Schuster offered me a review copy of this novel, all it took was "in Bali" for me to jump on it!

Katie is living her quiet life in England when her world shatters - she receives word that her younger, impetuous sister, Mia, has been found dead at the bottom of a cliff in Bali.

Katie is told it appears to be suicide, but Katie knows Mia would never jump...or does she? With the use of her sister's journal, Katie decides to quit her own life and follow in Mia's footsteps, trying to put together what might have occurred to put Mia on a clifftop in a foreign land in the middle of the night.

This is a novel filled with all the emotions of sisterhood as well as amazing locations like Hawaii, Australia and Bali. You can feel Katie's desperation and anguish on each page, and we get to know Mia through the words of her journal. Unfortunately, I read this novel very disjointedly - a page here and there - else I think it would have flowed much better for me. I loved all the locations, though, and seeing how the author was winding the story up to finish where it started. 

I thought this was a well written, atmospheric novel - particularly poignant for sisters who are both distant and close.

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