Book Review: The Island

The Island by Elin Hilderbrand

I seem to have become quite the devotee of Hilderbrand's novels, particularly in audiobook format, and this one is no exception. This time, we are transported to tiny, rustic, no-electric-no-plumbing, Tuckernuck Island with a recently divorced mother, her sister, her daughter reeling from a broken engagement, and another daughter who can't seem to put down roots.

Put into a tiny cottage, mix, then marinate for a month, and you have this novel.

Which, I must say, I loved as much as her others. Hilderbrand has such an amazing way of transporting her readers to the Nantucket lifestyle and surrounds (where Tuckernuck is located), and has such a turn of phrase - such a pleasure to listen to, in particular. Yes, she focuses primarily on women characters, and the relationships between women, but there is fodder there for a thousand books...am I right? :-)

In any case, over the course of a month on Tuckernuck, we see the Cousins women fall in, and out, of love, come to terms with loss and depression, famine, feast, fall and find each other again. 

I think I need a few weeks on Tuckernuck myself - but I'd be taking a lot more books than these women did. ;-)

Ably narrated by Denice Hicks, I thoroughly enjoyed this audiobook. Recommended!

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