The Cousins Odyssey

I know I've been on a bit of hiatus...between a week of vacation, then *recovering* from vacation, it seems like the hours and days have slipped by, but I'm back and blogging again!

Vacation, you say?

Oh yes.

For those of you who don't know, my family is rather...far-flung. We live everywhere from England to Australia, the United States to the United Arab Emirates.

It makes get togethers a little challenging.

But after the passing of our grandmother a while back, the seed of a "mini-reunion" take root in my lovely cousin Katy, who committed to flying to America, with her husband and children, to visit us in Indiana. Add to that another super cousin, Freddy, flying in from California with his love Mina, and we have a true reunion going!

The last time the four of us - Michelle, Freddy, Katy and I were together we *think* was 1985...


It was so great to just hang out, chat, take photos, play with the kids and of course, cook and eat together!

But of course there was more than just hanging out...we had a four and a five year old - and ourselves! - to entertain, after all!

Dad and I got to play "Easter Bunny" (my first time ever!) for an Easter egg hunt on Easter morning...

We *might* have gotten away with the amount of candy we bought.


Checking It All Out

We went to a playground, we made sidewalk chalk drawings, and we all "got in the spaceship" with the kids...

Everybody in the SpaceShip!

Freddy and his lovely Mina were only here for the weekend, but we really enjoyed all of us being together and getting to know each other!

All Together

But then, there was plenty of vacation left to spend!

We went to the nearby indoor playground...

The Commons Playground

Chuck E Cheese...

Chuck E Cheese!

And the Children's Museum in Indianapolis...

Katy, Luke and Anna

Me and Geckos!

We took the architectural tour around Columbus and visited the awesome Miller House...

We're Here!

After spending much of the week in Columbus, we decamped to TinyTown to spend a couple of nights in a cabin in Harmonie State Park!

Front Stoop

Buildin' the Fire

We took a roadtrip to the Garden of the Gods, which everyone *really* enjoyed!

Table Rock Shot

Even Zoe!

Me and Zoe

Some of us had a little too much enjoyment! ;-)


And then, it was just walks in the woods and s'mores and seeing the world slowly turn green again while chatting and walking!

Hikin' the 5

And then, the week was over and it was back to reality! Thanks to the cousins who flew to boring ole Indiana for the trip, and for Michelle and Don for working so hard on the logistics and catering, and Dad for serving as transportation czar! What a memorable week!

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Pam said...

Great photos and script - thanks so much for sharing :) happy memories for you all xxx