Sunnymeade Spring!

Spring has definitely sprung around Sunnymeade, and I've been a busy bee getting it outta the winter zone and into spring!

First and foremost, after a drought and a blizzard last year, my little Japanese maple tree is alive...IT'S ALIVE!

It's Alive!

I actually did a little dance in the front yard the day I saw the buds on it. :-)

I've kitted out the front porch with some Boston ferns and some new plantings (and a spying Zoe)...

Front Porch

Isn't this purple plant AMAZING?


And this ranunculus makes me so happy...


My serviceberry also put on a spring show...

The Serviceberry Blooms!

As did the rhododendron...

Rhododendron Bloom

Rhododendron in Full Bloom!

I grabbed a new birdfeeder and the birds have been VERY appreciative...

New Birdfeeder

I bought some boxwoods (which I love!) and some fancy new redwood planters to put them in...

New Boxwood and Planters

And of course, I got mulch-tastic all over the place...what is it about fresh mulch that makes beds look so amazing? It's like Magic Eraser for beds!

Freshly Mulched and Mowed

Full Bed View

More Mulch!

And now that frost and snow is (hopefully!) behind us, I got the fountain going again...I'm so happy to have the burbling outside my back door again!

Fountain Is Splashing Again!

This is a good start, but I know there's lots more flowers to come until Sunnymeade is in her "summer dress"! :-)

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