Third Annual Relay for Life 5K

If you'd told me several years ago that I would be walking in 5Ks - and even sort of looking forward to them - I would have laughed in your face.

And yet, when you say..."But it's a 5K to benefit Relay for Life"...of course I'm all in.

Michelle and I walked in the third annual "Lace Up Against Cancer" 5K here in TinyTown this morning, and once again, had a great time pushing ourselves!

I mean, we were a little skeptical of the weather:

Um, that's the HIGH temperature?

But we knew we'd have to soldier on...we are sponsors, after all!


(Photo fail of the shirt logo. Sorry friends.)

The day was cool and crisp as promised - okay, actually it was SNOWING for most of the walk - but we were buoyed by the fact that nearly 100 people joined us in the run/walk against cancer!


We had a new route this year - through the historical district and by the high school - which was really pretty and different to walk/jog to.

I haven't been training for this race like I have in the past, but I had a time I wanted to beat, and though I was SURE I didn't, I actually ended up beating it by 7-8 minutes, so I was pleased about that! Michelle also had a more aggressive number to beat, and she did that too! Yay!

(The shin splints totally slowed me down. Must.train.more.)

I may not have been fast, I may not have been with "the pack", but hey, I'm lapping everyone on the couch, right?

Exhausted but proud, we had a great lunch at Zuki, a successful mall visit, and a dip in the pool at the Y. Nice. :-)

Here's to our next race!

At the Start Line

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