Springtime Banner

I seem to be trying to nudge spring along as much as I can - rooting for my daffodils, longing to plant pansies despite that pesky snow the other day, and decorating home and office with spring-y bits to urge it along.

The latest addition? The awesome "S P R I N G" banner on my office door I was able to make last year during a library program led by scrapbooking maven Carrie.

Isn't it darling?


Lots of pretty scrapbook papers, a bone folder to score all the pieces (we started with a piece of paper about 4 or 5 inches wide, folded it, then fanned it into a circular shape, securing with double stick tape), an edge punch to pretty it up, a center punch to cover the hole, cut out letters and some ribbon to hang it - voila!

Isn't it pretty? I'm not much on papercrafts, so I was particularly proud of this project, thanks to Carrie's preparations and instructions!

Banner Detail

C'mon, spring!

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