So Long, Google Reader!

So, back in the day...

(And by back in the day, I mean, like, 2003), I became a devoted user of Bloglines to corral all these blogs, sites and pages I read everyday. It became an indispensable part of my web life -  it put everything into one place, saved me checking to see if someone updated, and let me organize and save posts that I needed to keep.

Then, in 2010, Bloglines announced it was closing.

Sad. :-(

It recommended everyone migrate to Google Reader, which I did, still adding feeds and using it all the time to track bloggy goodness.

So when Google announced yesterday that the Reader was going belly-up in July, I was a little taken aback.

Surely SOMEONE in the world still uses RSS feeds to aggregate information and posts, rather than just relying on Twitter or Facebook for information gathering.

I was happy to see that several articles pointed the Reader-less masses (or, you know, maybe just me and a few others) to other readers, and I've found a new love - Feedly.


Feedly is much slicker, prettier and visually appealing than Reader, I'll admit, though it took some time to configure to my liking and to get used to it.

I can still sort into categories, save things for later, mark items as read and subscribe to shiny new things I find, all while appearing in a much more magazine-y format.


Does anyone (besides me) still use RSS aggregators? If not, how on earth do you keep up with over 200 constantly updating sources of information, inspiration and amusement?

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