Easter at the Library!

I've said it once, and I'll say it again: no day is the same at my library.

Case in point - our annual Easter Egg Storytime and Egg Hunt!

Take 120 children, plus their parents, mix in several stories, activities, games and an egg hunt in the library after hours, then stir in LIVE BABY ANIMALS.

Yes, for several hours on Friday night, I was a lamb minder.

Meet Dan.

(Pronounced Daaaaaaan, as though baaing like a sheep. No. Really. I die.)

Dan Detail

I loved Dan. And Dan loved me.

Dan and Me

Dan even sucked my thumb when he got overwhelmed by all the children who were so excited to pet him...

Sucking My Thumb

Bonus Photo! The Easter Bunny stopped by to meet Dan and pose for a photo with me - I never miss a chance to pose with a mascot!

A super successful program thanks to the work of our fabulous employees and volunteers (including many high school students!), and some hard working baby animals. :-)

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