Book Review: The Next Time You See Me

I received an advanced copy of this novel from the fine folks at Simon & Schuster, and when I saw it was blurbed by Gillian Flynn (of recent Gone Girl fame), I was definitely interested!

Taking place in small town Kentucky in 1993, the impetus behind the novel is the disappearance of hard drinkin', tough lovin' Ronnie. Surrounding that singular event is a cast of outcasts and wayward souls, from awkward tween Emily to Ronnie's sister Susannah, who seems to be the only one to notice something awry. Enter also Wyatt, a factory working loner, a kindly nurse, a wayward police officer, and an atmospheric small town that cinches this novel together.

Part character study and part mystery suspense, Goodard Jones makes the reader feel the sadness and oppression of the characters, makes them scent the air of Kentucky, makes them sympathize with the characters while at the same time somehow keeping them at arm's length.

I personally found the journey the best part - the ending to me felt a bit rushed and out of place, but perhaps I was just eager to find out the answer to the mystery and read too fast!

This is a solid, character-driven mystery - recommended!

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