Asparagus Roll Up Recipe

I think in an effort to chivvy spring along, I'm reaching for all of the not-quite-ready-but-SO-close veggies I can find these days.

Case in point : asparagus.

I LOVE asparagus.

Roasted, or raw, or dipped in butter, or dipped in a soft boiled egg, I'm yet to find an asparagus I don't love.

So, I was feelin' kitchen crafty the other night and came up with my own version of some asparagus roll ups...


*Asparagus, obviously

*Crescent rolls - I know puff pastry or even phyllo would have been oh-so-much better, but who has time to wait for defrosting when you're hungry NOW?

*Some of that Philly Cream Cheese "Cooking Creme" in your preferred flavor - I went with the Garlic one, because a Macak (my maternal grandfather's family) NEVER met a garlic they didn't love.  ;-)

*Bacon. Everything is better with bacon.
Preheat the oven to 375 degrees. Cook your asparagus and bacon as you normally would (in my case, microwave said bacon and steam the asparagus because again, hungry NOW). Start making those rolls: simply spread out each triangle, spread with a dollop of Cooking Creme, then whip some asparagus and bacon into there, rolling it all up pretty-like. Brush with a bit of butter if you are feeling that...then pop in the oven for 12-15 minutes, or until the rolls are lovely and golden brown.

And feast!

Asparagus Roll Ups

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