The Journey

I sometimes feel as though I live a very small life.

I read these amazing blogs, written in faraway places, filled with dreamy photos and luscious thoughts, and I think, "I wish...".

But more and more, the blogs and lives I enjoy the most are the day to day - where we get a glimpse into someone's true daily life. We learn of their foibles, their successes, their interests, and yes, even their dreams and thoughts, luscious or not.

And I've often wondered if my teeny, tiny little thoughts and glimpses could be remotely as interesting.

My photos.

My crafts.

My struggles.

My home.

My fears.

My sucesses.

Is it just tossing a pebble into the ocean of blog-ish thoughts, or is it something more?

Could it be therapy?

Could it be a way to chronicle a life lived, to look back upon years from now?

Could it be a way for those who are acquainted with me - or even those who aren't - to truly know me?

So why am I scared to put myself out there, to use my words, to share my *whole* life, not just the bookish bits, or the quick photo updates?

Why can't my mundane be as interesting as the next blog in the list?

Why can't my words have power, if only for me?

Why can't this be a blog of joy and sharing, rather than a chore or homework assignment?


So, I pledge to myself to make the time, to make it important, to make it more than occasionally...it may be trite, it may be silly, or it may be therapy, but still, it may be.

May it be.

May it be me. Unabashedly.

I hope you'll join me on the journey...

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