Relay Season Begins Again...

We had our first official Relay for Life meeting tonight, complete with committee and team captains present to get our odyssey to finding a cure underway.

I love when Relay season begins again. :-)

Everyone has their reason to Relay - I certainly have mine in the memory of Mum - but more than that to me, Relay is a culture, a cause, a reason d'etre, and I have met so many amazing people through Relay.

Include my chair, Tiffani. Yeah, we dig the wigs too. ;-)

Wigged Out Relayers!

This year, the pressure of the last two years is gone, when I was serving as town-wide chair. Now, I'm the Team Development Chair, and I want nothing more than the educate my captains, nurture them, but mostly, make sure they are having a darn good time Relaying!

I want to make sure they know how very fortunate we feel to have them on our side in the fight - even if it's just through making a fool of myself at meetings and giving them little gifties every time I see them...

Gifties for registering as a team...


Gifties for coming to our February meeting...

February Recognition

Relay has been by far the most rewarding thing I've done in my life, and I can't imagine a spring where I don't "bleed purple" from February to the Sunday morning of June 2, when we can collapse in a puddle of exhausted goo for a few hours after a job well done.

Okay, maybe not *bleed* purple, but certainly show my purple pride one way or another. ;-)

Tryin' On...

I'm sure Mum is proud. :-)

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