January Reads

Here we are, nearly to the end of January, and I've already been derelict in my book reviewing (and reading!) duties, so let's get caught up, shall we? :-)

Extra Credit by Maggie Barbieri

This is the latest in the "Murder 101" series by Barbieri...I've been a faithful reader of this series since the beginning, and I'm always happy to get to catch up with Professor Alison Bergeron, her hunky cop husband Crawford, her dog, her nuns at the university where she teaches and of course...the murder du jour. Barbieri's writing is always funny and fast paced, and it's liking hanging out with a favorite friend for a few hours. I definitely recommend starting at the beginning of this easy to read, easy to enjoy series!

Shadow of Night by Deborah Harkness

This is the second in the "All Souls" trilogy, after A Discovery of Witches. This time, Diana and Matthew travel back in time to the age of Queen Elizabeth, Christopher Marlowe, Walter Raleigh...and a host of other people and problems that come with being a powerful witch and vampire in the middle ages. I really enjoyed the time travel, the locales, and the development of this story, but it's not for the timid - at 600 pages, this one takes time and dedication to read! (PS I want a firedrake too!)

Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

This has been getting great reviews, and now I know why. I started reading on a Friday afternoon whilst laying about with a cold, and only stopped reading when I hit the last page, only to discover it was dark outside, I'd missed dinner and Zoe was pacing with eagerness for her own supper. This is an absolutely absorbing, heartbreaking, amazing read. Will is wheelchair-bound after an accident two years ago, and Louisa is hired as his daytime companion. You can *feel* the claustrophobia of the situation, of the chair, and feel the emotions start to broil as things develop, and can feel Louisa's desperation to help Will be comfortable with his life. Though Will's "future plan" is hardly a secret, you can still feel Louisa's reaction to it when she learns what the future holds. I don't want to telegraph too much, except to say this was a great, great read, and that I can't wait for a few friends to read it so we can discuss it!

Severe Clear by Stuart Woods

Another audiobook in the Stone Barrington series - yes, they become increasingly absurd, but that's half the fun. :-)

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