The One With the Mighty Mountains

We departed from our Snake River KOA after a *much* cooler night, and headed into Jackson Hole to refuel - both in the petrol and the grocery sense.

After spending part of the morning just getting to Grand Teton National Park, we were relieved to get in the gates, on the road, and then to turn around and see this...

Fall Shot

Majestic is truly the only word that encapsulates the Tetons…


Among the Clouds

Glacier detail at the top of Grand Teton...

Mountaintop Detail

We headed to Jenny Lake, which sits at the base of the range, and battled some cold, COLD winds to snap some photos and tour around a bit…even the lake had whitecaps!

Jenny Lake

Admiring the View

This park, on par with other parks, is really quite small and it only took us the early part of the afternoon to explore, see the Snake River, then turn north to Yellowstone (which is HUGE in comparison)…

Snake River

We hit the gates at Yellowstone, nearly hit an elk straightaway, then made it to our campground home for the next three nights - the piney campground with NO hookups in Madison.

And the weather forecast was to be in the low 20s at night.

But hey, we're camping!


Madison Campsite

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