The One With the Finale of the Trip

Even though I've been home for a few days now, I wanted to blog the finale of our trip, and to assure my dear readers that yes, we did indeed get home in one piece, though the same can't be said for the RV....

The following morning, we scooted out the door and headed towards Mount Rushmore on a gloriously bright and sunny morning, and joined the throngs at the monument taking pictures, wandering the museum and doing a spot of shopping. It really is an impressive sight...

Mount Rushmore


Love This.

After a hour or two spent there, we headed down the road to the Crazy Horse memorial, which I vividly remembered from when I was a kid - back then (1984), there was just a hole for his arm and a slight indentation in the mountain.

I was shocked the see a face...

Crazy Horse From Afar


Obviously, it still has a looooooong way to go, but it was cool to see the progress - especially for a project that has absolutely no government funding, only public donations. For an idea of scale, the four heads of Mount Rushmore fit inside Crazy Horse's face with room to spare! Here's what it will eventually, someday, maybe look like....

Big and LIttle

Zoe, Me and Crazy Horse

After that, we burned rubber across South Dakota, stopping at the famous Wall Drug for a spot of (tacky) shopping, and that's when Dad had, um, the incident.

You know those poles they put around gas station pumps to protect them?

There's a reason they do that.

Um, Oops.

Still, neither of us felt too badly considering the bad luck we'd had with the darn thing. ;-)

We stopped in Mitchell, South Dakota for another hotel evening then jetted to Cedar Falls the following day to stay with family friends - nice to have company, playmates for Zoe and a steak dinner we didn't have to buy or prepare. ;-)

Then it was home, home again to Columbus where we unloaded in the dark with the help of Michelle before falling into bed.

We returned the RV the following morning and are still waiting to see what the final shake out will be, compensation-wise, for nearly freezing to death in Yellowstone. ;-)

All in all, it was a fabulous trip filled with lots of memories, scenery, mementos and photos. Trip of a lifetime! Highly recommended! :-)

(By the way, final hex square count: 18!)

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Kelly said...

What a clear shot of Mt. Rushmore! It sounds like the two of you had a great trip. I'm glad the bad RV didn't ruin your trip. I've really enjoyed all of the photos!