The One With Devil's Tower

Greetings from a Best Western in Hullett, Wyoming!

Correct. We are no longer staying in the RV for the rest of our trip.

CruiseAmerica can bite me.


Anyway, let's not dwell.

Let's instead talk about the harrowing 43 mile drive that we did through the Rockies today, because that was FUN, and when I say "fun", I mean holy-god-terrifying-i-can't-believe-we're-alive.

It snowed in the Rockies overnight. A lot.

And we drove an RV through a pass narrower than the eye of a needle at 10,000 feet.

But gosh darn, it was pretty when I opened my eyes long enough to look....

Snowy Trees

Pyramid Bluff

The only straight bit, I swear to god....


We did finally make it down from the mountain, and across Wyoming we headed, aiming for Devil's Tower...

Devil's Tower

I can't even describe how peaceful, haunting, sacred and strange this place is....

First Glimpse

Me and Devil's

Through the Trees

Prayer bundles are found throughout the area...

Prayer Bundles

Can you spot the climbers?

Can You See the Climbers?

Also, and I don't want to sound too excited about this, but WE GOT TO SEE LOTS AND LOTS OF SNORFLING ADORABLE PRAIRIE DOGS OMG!!!!

I was slightly excited. Dad was annoyed at the 87034507345 pics I took of them. ;-)

Prairie Doggy Detail

I'm Outta Here!

Lots of 'Em!

And so to bed...we have a big day of driving across South Dakota tomorrow with a few stops along the way, but at least I'll have memories of prairie dogs to keep me smilin'. ;-) G'night!

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