The One Where the Wheels Come Off the Wagon

Greetings from the Super 8 in snowy Cody, Wyoming!

Okay, let me back up. ;-)

We awoke nearly frozen solid this morning, having discovered that the furnace, the generator NOR the "house battery" was working, so we left the campground in a flash to get the engine running (thank god IT worked) and try to charge the house battery - and to warm up!

We headed up to Mammoth Hot Springs, one of the last parts of the park still "up and running" with eateries, shopping and a visitor's center. We - well, I - charmed our way into a delicious dining room breakfast (they actually closed minutes before), then wandered around Mammoth shopping and going to the visitor's center.

Also, elk just wander around Mammoth Hot Springs.


Oh, You Know...

We then set off for the hot springs on a very chilly, very windy but very sunny morning. Lots of stairs, lots of uphill climbing, but great views!

Palette Spring

Dad remembers this one being tiny, tiny the last time he was here, but it's huge now!

Givin' Some Sass

Palette Spring II

What a strange but fascinating natural phenomenon!

Overview of the Area

Watery and Steamy

Trickle Down

I snoozed in the back while Dad ran us down part of the ring road (I didn't sleep well, terribly afraid Zoe was going to freeze to death, or that I was, the night before), but when we got to the geyser basin, we decided if we were going to spend another night in Yellowstone, we had to get this battery going, because even after 100 miles, we had no joy on the generator or battery or anything.

We call the 1-800 number. They send us 20 miles away.

Where everything is shut.

We call back. They send us back the 20 miles we just came from.


We pull into Old Faithful's service station, where a tireless mechanic named Mark determined that this RV is a hunk-of-junk and really, nothing can be done.

But god knows he and Dad tried for the better part of two hours.

Mark the Mechanic

Zoe was not amused, and neither were we.

 Repair Time

Mark popped a fresh battery in with the hope that it would give us a couple of hours of power, AT MOST, but by then, I had already made an executive decision that we were going to a pet-friendly hotel in Cody.


I was fearing for our lives, and I'm not even being dramatic.

So, off we went again, out the East Gate of Yellowstone, then into the deepening dark when I took over driving - then into the DRIVING SNOW!

But, we made it! We're now safely ensconced in a very nice Super 8 with heating, comfortable beds, a shower, and a promise of breakfast in the morning.

Tomorrow, we'll fight with the RV rental company. Tonight, I just plan to enjoy the warmth. :-)


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