The First One in Yellowstone

After a VERY chilly overnight (with no heating and little electrical power and a fairly crappy attitude towards CruiseAmerica about both), we managed to stumble out of our campground park at Madison by about 9am and headed towards Old Faithful, planning to do the "lower loop" of Yellowstone's "figure eight" roadways.

We first stopped at the Midway Basin, where I wanted to see the Grand Prismatic Spring and other sights, the Grand Prismatic being something I read about in a book when I was very young.

Sadly, we didn't see it very well:

Grand Prismatic...

Did I mention it was COLD this morning? You know it's cold when the rivers are steaming…

Steaming River

And the trees are covered in frost…

Frosty Tree Detail

And the geyser basin is steaming away…

Further View

and therefore hot springs are, well, steamy!

Another Spring

Burbling Spring

Nonetheless, we strolled the entire boardwalk before saddling up for Old Faithful, in the most active and largest geyser basin in the world.

Before Old Faithful's midday eruption, we took a small walk around the back of it and snapped a few photos…

Back of Old Faithful

Amazing Depths

Then grabbed a dandy seat to watch the 12:12pm show - it wasn't as high as the fountain we had seen the day before, but it was certainly much longer!

Ta Da!

Crowds Gather

After the eruption, we had some lunch, walked Zoe, then went on a lengthy walk to witness lots of other geysers and burblings, such as Castle Geyser, which they think is 5,000 to 15,000 years old...

Castle Geyser

And some other hot geothermal activities such as other geysers, springs and pools….

After settling back in the RV, we headed down the road, along the West Thumb of Yellowstone Lake to the "grand canyon of Yellowstone" to see the Upper and Lower Falls - so impressive!

The Upper Falls are about 100 feet high…

Upper Falls

See 'Em?

And the Lower Falls more like 300 feet high, tumbling into the canyon carved away by erosion…

I'm Here!


We took both the South Rim and North Rim roads to check out the canyon, then wearily headed back to our campground for chili, cuppa tea, photo reviewing, and a blast of heat before generators are turned off and we spend another night bundled up trying to stay warm - and believe me, if *I* say it's cold, it' s FRICKIN' FREEZING! ;-)

Upper part of the park tomorrow! G'night!

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