The One Where We Conquer the Rockies

This whole switching time zone thing is tough on the sleeping arrangements, let me tell you. I've been hopscotching from time zone to time zone, starting with the Summit, and I can't seem to get my body adjusted. Grr!

Anyhoo, Zoe and I trundled around the KOA in Goodland VERY early this morning, long before daybreak and long before coffee, but soon enough we were packing things up, hitting the road (and a Subway for breakfast and coffee) and heading for Colorado!

Colorado was actually pretty epic, people.

First views of Denver, first views of the Rockies (much of which I missed - including a spectacular view of Vail, due to a yuckyuck migraine), amazing drive down I-70 through gorges and canyons and along the Colorado River, gawking all the way at the pure scale, majesty and all-encompassing view of it all.



First view of the Rockies...

The Rockies

Canyon views with the Colorado River alongside...


Canyon Views

We finally made it across the state to Fruita (near the western state line), where we have encamped at a VERY nice State Park campground, complete with concrete pads, a covered picnic area, great walks along the Colorado River, firewood for a fire and a really quiet, really pretty surrounding.


Colorado River

Someone also took the opportunity to do a little swimming in the Colorado...

Swimming Girl

Burgers on the grill, a cuppa tea by the fire, a few photo reviews and a book to nestle down with. Nice. :-)

Evening Fire

Tomorrow we get to more of "the scenery", but today has certainly been a nice start - and a nice change from the Plains states we call home in the Midwest!


Hex square count: 2 and a half...

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