The One in Bryce Canyon

We knew this was going to be an early morning, but man, what a payoff.

Yesterday, we arrived in Bryce Canyon town and decided to hit the NPS Visitor's Center for advice on the best way to tackle Bryce Canyon.

The ranger alerted us that parking is uber-limited and the park is always popular, and to start at the farthest point and work our way backwards.

So, SO glad we did!

We jetted off just after sunrise, reaching Bryce Point as the sun was cresting the peaks, and what a show we saw in the Bryce Amphitheater, as it's known…
Just our first glimpse...

First Glimpse

And then we gawked for a while at this...

Bryce Amphitheater

Morning Sun

Singular Tree


Lots of other folks had the same idea, so there was some jostling for position but we obviously got some amazing shots…

After that, we headed to Inspiration Point, perhaps my favorite part of the visit…but for a few visitors, it was completely deserted. It was quiet and still, and you could really focus in on the details of the canyon. What a reflective place…

The Bowl

Close Up

Inspiration Point

We Made It!

And a high one, too!

Inspiration Point

We continued to Sunrise Point (and also Sunset Point) and I was able to bring along Zoe while Dad jetted off to take some photos from a nearby overlook.

Sunrise Point

We then drove the 15 or so mile road up, up, UP to Rainbow Point, stopping a lots of places along the way, such as Natural Bridge and various overlooks…

Natural Bridge

Cool Formations

Then to Rainbow Point, which is pretty darn high when you literally live AT sea level, at the lowest point in the State of Indiana!

Rainbow Point

Rainbow Point View

We finally came back down, picnicked for lunch, hit the Visitor's Center, then meandered to Fairyland Canyon, which I mostly wanted to see for the name, but which turned out to be enchanting - much smaller, geologically "younger", and closer so you can really pick up detail…

Fairyland Canyon



After that, we came back to the campground by mid-afternoon for naps, book reading, dinner, a bonfire, showers and a to-the-death-fight with the campground Wifi. ;-)

Tomorrow, we're off to Great Salt Lake - camping on an island within the lake - but with no hookups, and no Wifi. After that, we'll be in the Tetons, and we should be able to hop online then. Until then….


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