The One Across Kansas...

Honestly, today was just kind of a "get miles on it" day.

I don't even have a single photo. Sniff.

We did have a few adventures today, though, primarily Dad driving through every rainstorm known to Kansas in a single day, and, um, me being getting pulled over by a Kansas State Trooper.

While driving an RV from Florida across a state several away from my own.

IN MY DEFENSE, it was near Fort Riley, a car had just pulled in front of me in the slow lane, and Officer Friendly was obviously having a slow morning. He pulled me over for "following too closely", but wanted to run all the RV information (and me). I can understand vigilance, but c'mon! Following too close?! Why don't you pull over the truck up there going over the speed limit!

(Amazingly, I was UNDER the speed limit, with echoes of drag and aerodynamics floating in my mind. This, as anyone who has ever driven with me on a highway, is nothing short of miraculous.)

Officer Friendly - well, Officer Blake, really was very nice. Which is good, because I have LITERALLY NEVER BEEN PULLED OVER. And when do I get pulled over for the first time?

With my freakin' DAD in the vehicle.

This is my life.

Anyhoo, other than that encounter, we made it to the KOA in Goodland, Kansas with only one sticky wicket - our fridge hasn't worked since we left home.

Interestingly, this happened to Mom and Dad on an RV trip with us kids about 30 years ago, so Dad is VERY sensitive to this problem.

Like, a lot sensitive.


We called the help line, reset some stuff, and hopefully all is well now - except for the panic when the stove didn't light, but we figured that out too....

(Camping is fun!)

Other than that, tonight has been about laundry, my first communal shower situation since the dorms (full.body.shudder.), a pot of chili on the stove, a cuppa tea, and a lot of Flickr updating. Good times.

No, seriously! I'm loving this! :-)

(Dad's still on the fence, I'm pretty sure.)

Hex quilt count for driving across Kansas: only 2, but in my defense, I spent much of today with a migraine that I barely held at bay, so close work was hard at times. 

Tomorrow, we go to Colorado! G'night!

Okay, I can't blog without a photo, so here's one of Zoe embracing the trip to the fullest:

Poor Girl

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