The One With Lots of Rain...

Anddddddd….we're off!

Well, not quite.

Let me back up….

Before our Wild West adventure, I had the honor, privilege and terrifying responsibility of being a trainer/facilitator at our Great Lakes Division Regional Summit in Grand Rapids. We've been practicing and tweaking, learning and memorizing since Nationals, but the time was here to put on the show!

In short, it was absolutely amazing.

Amway Grand Ballroom

(Ready for 450 Relayers to arrive...)

My sessions went swimmingly, I got some really nice compliments from strangers about my facilitating, my style and my personality (uh oh!), I danced The Wobble in front of 450 Relayers, I rocked it with my girls at the Purple Party, heard some amazing speakers, met some great people and hung out with my GLD Training Team, comprised of the most amazing people around.

It was an epic weekend…and it was only the beginning!

(And yes, this happened at the Purple Party...)

Tryin' On...

Monday morning, after a visit with family friend Beth, Dad and I picked up our home-away-from-home for the next 15 days - our CruiseAmerica RV!

 Outside Kansas City

(Isn't she pretty? Taken at our first campground in Kansas City...)

After a terrifyingly long ride home (curb check! Traffic! Wrong directions on the GPS! Where's the cruise control?!?), Dad got the RV and I got his van back to Columbus in one piece.

And then the panic that is Priddis Packing set in.

Several hundred hours later, most of the house was on the RV and we were ready for bed. ;-)

We ditched Columbus by 9am EST on Tuesday and hit the interstate - in the rain - for a run to Kansas City, our first "just get some miles behind us" day in the RV. We worked out some kinks, we battled the ongoing rain, Zoe adjusted to life on the road, and we put 486 miles behind us for Day One.

Grilled cheese and soup, an EPIC cuppa tea, a walk around the campground, and here we are, cozied up and ready for the night. Too bad about that lightning in the distance…

And yes, for those inquiring minds - I drove.

Driver Marissa!

(Quickly. Dad has since lectured me thoroughly about aerodynamics, gas consumption, weight ratios and drag. In short, I drove fast and drank gas. He drove slow and put me to sleep. And saved gas. Sigh.)

Also, I am quilting my way across America - working on my hexagonal "squares" for a new quilt, which is done almost entirely by hand. I'll post pictures soon, but for now, the Day One Hex Count is: 2 hexes done.


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