Summer Days & ALA

I don't know where the summer has gone, but here we are, already well into July and I feel the hot summer days keep slipping by faster than I can keep track. It's been drought here in Indiana, and mostly everyone feels like a prisoner to the air conditioning, so hot have the days been without rain and with unrelenting heat.

Nonetheless, a few things have kept me busy....

I redesigned my study into more of a craft room and finished one quilt and began two others...

Newly Imagined Study


I've spent a lot of time poolside when I can...

Another Weekend, Another Pool Visit...

We've had lots of great programs at the library this summer including Silly Safaris, a Big Rigs program (complete with rock climbing jeep!), an Angry Birds program and lots more!

Baby Alligator


And on the traveling front, I ventured off to Anaheim, California for this year's ALA Conference with colleague Christa....good times! We heard great speakers (John Irving, Chris Colfer, Jodi Picoult, Dan Rather!), learned lots in sessions and spent hours in the exhibit hall gathering ideas and information!

Never Miss the Chance to Pose with a Mascot!

So Kind and Gracious

Exhibit Hall III

Instagram Dan

And, of course, being in Anaheim we HAD to spend an evening in Disneyland!

Sleeping Beauty's Castle

Thunder Mountain


Always Impressive

 Highlight of the night was when we were allowed to ride Peter Pan's flight twice in a row, just by asking nicely. It made us grin for hours!

Peter Pan's Flight

Along the same vein (being a kid and riding rides), Jen, Layne and Sean came down for a weekend from B-ton to hang out and go to Holiday World! Other than it being hotter than the surface of the sun at Holiday World that Saturday, we had a fantastic weekend! I already miss them and want another visit!

Holiday World

Holiday World

Game Playing

That's my summer in a nutshell...how's yours been? :-)

And so I leave you with this short vid...Zoe defending our borders from bunnies. She stood right there and growled like that for a good thirty minutes. :-)

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